is a color that embodies power. It emanates warmth,
creativity and strength; all of which exemplify the qualities
of our motivated and energetic dancers.

Orange Dance Studio is dedicated to the goal of inspiring the children of our community to express themselves rhythmically through the art of dance.  Through eight weekly classes and a summer recital, students discover new dance techniques, learn to connect their minds and bodies, and build self-confidence – all while having a great time.

The studio is the brainchild of Mariel Hidary A”H, herself a creative choreographer, elegant dancer, trained dance therapist and enthusiastic dance teacher. Mariel made sure to build a personal relationship with each student and became a role model for many of them. Her attention to detail and energetic devotion to this project cannot be surpassed.

Mariel’s family and friends have committed themselves to continuing her dream. May this performance be a tribute to Mariel’s warmth, creativity and enduring spirit.